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Free Range Christmas Goose 5.5KG

Pre-order only for our award winning great taste free range goose Available¬† delivery dates between 12-20th of December The total for one of our free range geese ranges from 60-75 euro depending on the size. Sizes cannot be guaranteed but it will come to first come, first serve in terms of choice on sizes. If you order this now you will be paying a 15 euro deposit and we will call you in early December to take the rest of the payment and confirm a size.   Geese can be collected on the farm. Just click local pick up for delivery options. They can also be sent out nationwide on the week leading up to Christmas. If you want a goose earlier please put it in the comment box. 4.0-7.0kg or equivalent pounds 70 - 80+ total euro depending on size
Any questions email or message dan on 0870560292