Since 1994, the Hickey family have specialised in providing Irish duck to the retail and food service market. Our ducks are brought onto the farm only a couple of days old. They are hand reared in West Cork by the Hickey family in small batches overlooking the beautiful roaring water bay. We believe that the sea air adds a unique flavour to our duck, that distinguishes it from any other. All of the processing is completed on the farm which allows everything that we produce can be fully traceable from farm to fork. 

Our range has recently extended into ready to eat products. We now cook and smoked our duck in Skeaghanore to create the most wonder range of cooked products. Our smoked and confit products have won numerous awards and are something that we are proud of. 

We have recently added locally sourced chicken that we smoked ourselves to our product range. These  award winning oak smoked chicken products are tender and delicious. They are ideal for salads, pastas and scrambled egg.

Our award winning Free Range Geese is one of the key products that the business supplies each year for Christmas. The goslings normally arrive on the farm as day olds in mid June. From about 4 weeks of age, they will start to graze the lush grass of Skeaghanore. They are herded in at night to keep them safe but spend all day out grazing grass. if you follow our social media then you will see frequent updates on our flocks of geese each year. It is vital that you preorder your goose in good time before Christmas. Call, email or message us on social media to put preorder your perfect Christmas dinner goose. We always have frozen geese in stock!

Our Products


  • Duck
    • Whole Duck
    • Portions
      • Legs
      • Breasts
      • Wings
      • Crowns
      • French Dressed Legs
    • Duck Liver
    • Duck Gizzard
    • Duck Hearts
    • Duck Necks
    • Duck Tongues
    • Duck Carcass
    • Duck Skin
  • Free Range Goose
    • Fresh at Christmas (Preorder is important)
    • Frozen is always in stock (Every size available)

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Cooked Products:


  • Oak Smoked Breast of Duck
  • Confit (Slow Cooked) Duck Legs
  • Glazed Confit Duck Wings
  • Cooked Duck Meat
  • Duck Fat


  • Oak Smoked Crown of Chicken
  • Oak Smoked Breast/Supreme of Chicken