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Glazed Duck Wings – Fresh Duck wings Marinated in a Chinese Glaze

€3.50 for 1 kg (Roughly 10 large wings) Cooking Instructions
  • Preheat oven at 160 degrees
  • Remove the wings from the packaging
  • Add salt and pepper to the wings and any flavour that you desire
  • Cooked in the oven for 1 hours – turning the wings twice with a slotted spoon through this time so they do not stick
  • Turn the oven up to 180 for last 30 minutes to give the wings a crispy finish
  • Once cooked remove from dish, drain and serve
  • Cooking time: 1 hours 30 minutes
BBQ Instructions:
  • Important to cook as described above first (This ensures that the meat will be tender and falling off of the bone)
  • Add to medium heat on BBQ for 5-10 minutes to finish

Free Range Irish Goose

We are sorry to have to announce that this year we won't be able to take online orders for our free range geese. Stock levels this year will be lower than previous years due to issues with acquiring day old goslings.
A waiting list is being put in place. As we get closer to Christmas and surplus geese become available we will call back people on the waiting list. This is a first come and first serve process and we cannot make any guarantees that you will get a goose if your name is on the list.
Please call 028-37428 to get your name and details on list.

Smoked Chicken Crown 600g

Our ready to eat smoked chicken crown   Simply slice and serve.    

€20 ready to eat product box

This is a box of all our cooked products!   it includes: 1 pack of confit duck legs 1 hot

Duck Fat 200g

A pot of our Skeaghanore pure duck Fat. 200g, perfect for roast potatoes and making confit legs.    

Chefs Favourites €30

Some of the chef favourites:   1 whole duck 500 grams of duck liver 500 grams of duck hearts 500

€25 Mixed product box

We have put together some of our most popular products in one handy order.   This box will include 25